Mayan Codex: Ancient Secret Reveals What You Were “Coded” To Do At Birth

The ancient Mayan civilization of Central America created complex and mysterious hieroglyphic scripts. These were etched on monuments, painted on pottery, and left with art included in books of handmade bark-paper. For centuries, scholars considered it and the mayan codex too intricate ever to understand—until recently.

A remarkable series of breakthroughs finally cracked the code and unleashed waves of new insights into the Mayas’ turbulent past. For the first time, Ric & Liz, Publishers of Healthy Wealthy ‘n’ Wise Magazine, now reveal how to discover your true callings and abilities.

Who Are You?

Did you know that the knowledge of who you truly are (and which career you could actually get paid to shine like a star in this lifetime) is no further away than your own DNA – “locked in” at the exact time you were born?

Were you aware that this knowledge which you’ve been carrying around with you in “mayan codex form” is from birth? It only needs to be plugged into a special calendar to reveal it’s secrets to you in pure form!

Did you know that, for over 1,750 years people used the secret mayan codex inside this calendar for deciphering who they were and where their special talents lay?

And that this secret mayan codex was lost when the Roman calendar was imposed on the “New World”…which is the same one we all use today?

You probably didn’t know all that…but don’t worry. Most of us didn’t!

Mayan Codex and the Ancient Calendar

It’s true…For years, people used this ancient calendar for everything from determining the best time to plant corn to knowing who they should marry. But then the Spanish came over the ocean in their ships, burning and pillaging. That’s when the old stone calendar got buried in the earth. Then the ‘new’ Roman calendar was made “the law.”

Believe it or not, this is the very same calendar you now have hanging in your kitchen. This is what we’ve all been using for the past 2,058 years. This Roman calendar is known as the Julian Calendar (because they named it after Julius Ceasar! No kidding. It’s the truth.)

So What’s The Problem With This New Calendar?

Here’s the problem: It’s got major flaws. You see, not only does it not contain the secret mayan codex that people used to unlock their potential in life. But it actually is missing several days (why we have leap years). It ignores an entire cycle of the moon going around the earth, and has got the names of the months wrong!

Ever think it’s kind of strange that October comes from “octo” (meaning “eight”) – when it’s actually the 10th month? Well, you’re right! Reason is, when our calendar was first created, the Romans didn’t even count January and February as months. The official year started on March 1…and there were only ten months!

No Wonder Things Have Gotten Screwed Up…

mayan codex

Including losing the mayan codex you needed to use to uncover your true nature in life along with:

  • Who your soul mate could be
  • What career you would shine at (and make the most money doing)
  • Why it’s crucial to know what your kids’ secret mayan codex is too

Of course, you couldn’t have known all this before. Almost nobody does. But the shocking thing is what does this mean? What does this say about discovering your true nature and how it’s been covered up all these years? I’ll explain in a moment (including something pretty creepy involving the number 13). But first, here’s something that is going to make you extremely happy. Decoding Your True Identity (And Starting Your New Life) Takes Just 53 Minutes.

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